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Rocket Cafe! That lovely gaff!

As some of you probably already know, we twisted folk love a bit of cake…well alot of cake…and coffee…love coffee! And we love good food, happy campers and local produce. So three of the gang scampered out under the cover of night and rather a lot of rain gave the Rocket Cafe a bit of cosmic wooly attention!

Photos are winging their way over and will be up on the weekend but in the meantime why don’t you get yourself down to St Owen Street for a gander, a nice cuppa and of course a blimin awesome piece of cake 🙂

If you are new to The Twisted Knitters and want to learn a bit more about what we get up to late at night then check out our hits page in the next column and remember our meet the gang page too!

Purl Punk, Merino Maverick and Yarn Yeti over & out!


The Twisted Knitters have landed….

Found a tag, want to know more? Well you are in the right place…….our blogs pretty new so keep an eye for our previous hits being uploaded. Happy knitting folks.