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Graffiti knitting group; making Herefordshire brighter, one step at a time


Watch this swatch, The Twisted Knitters are collecting the evidence….

And here it is! We tag teamed across Hereford to get this lot out there, in hindsight walky talkys would have been really useful! It was H-Art week, where artists across the county open up their studios and galleries. We think art should be for everyone and in celebration of this we hit a few carefully chosen venues… lucky people you!

I believe these neon fellas were for the Library….more bees vicar!

And the Courtyard….

Then one for that classy knitty lady on the hill Miss Amy Twigger…..

And a lovely pom-pom tree for the Castle Pool….we hope it went to a good home as it didn’t survive the night!

The others were mostly private residence so apologies to all those people who got a little weirded out by the random knitters diving into their bushes when they looked out the window! All in aid of a good cause 🙂


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