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Random Tagging

We thought we’d take the opportunity whilst out and about to do a bit of random tagging, Knit Nurse and Purl Punk scarpered round a busy town through the drizzle…. have a look at what we came up with….

Ahhh, a lovely bit of colour on the sculpture outside All Saints. Hope it survives the night!

Dear All Saints Cafe, thank you for your lovely food and coffee 🙂

Now this one was a bit more tricky, the B&W house was almost damaged in the fire that happened a week or so ago. This little pom pom present is to celebrate its survival!

Which way now, a nice quick little wrap before bed. Good work gang!

We also tagged BBC H&W Radio door though forgot to take a piccie  (too many smokers on the street!) a little yarnie told us they’d been sniffing about Hereford for knitting groups, I hope they enjoy their pom pom!

We got some great ideas for future projects whilst we were out and about so keep your eyes peels and your purls poised!


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