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Happy New Year Folks!

Mmmmmm knitty

Well, after a bit of break we’re back! We’ve left some little gifts for Hereford College of Arts and will have some lovely pics soon enough :). A little bird told us that there are a lot of busy young knitters up there so we thought we’d say hello and tell them to spread the knit-love! Buzz Bomber and Purl Punk had great fun on the hit, even though the cameras and security guards were a bit unexpected, ‘we ain’t doin nowt wrong, honest guv!’
Don’t forget to look at out ‘meet the gang’ page to see a bit more about us twisted folks.

If you are lucky enough to snaffle one of our little bollard warmers then please let us know and maybe send us some pics of it in its new home or location, you can email us at and if we love, it we’ll get you on our blog.

Happy yarning folks!


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