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In Remembrance In Hope of Peace

This hit is a little different from the norm, we have a message and it is one of peace.  As it is Remembrance Sunday this week then The Twisted Knitters felt like we wanted to contribute. While the red poppy originated to raise funds for the  Royal Legion, the white poppies aim was to spark debate and rally support for resistance to war. For many it is still a symbol of grief, as it was for the Members of the Women’s Co-operative who first made it in 1933. However, more importantly, it is a symbol of humanity’s determination to work together to abolish war for good. We think it is right for all people of all ages to remember, though also to ask why war is still common in our world.

To learn more about the white poppy visit

Any money raised over and above the cost of producing, publicising and distributing the white poppies goes to fund their education work, some of which can be seen on their main website.


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  purplepanda wrote @

Great work guys 🙂 Love what ur doing, keep it up x

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