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The Twisted Knitters have landed….

Found a tag, want to know more? Well you are in the right place…….our blogs pretty new so keep an eye for our previous hits being uploaded. Happy knitting folks.



  Pagan wrote @

I have found one ofyour tags-a little brown mouse flecked with white-near HMV stuck to a lampost. I am keeping my eyes open for more. I have named him porridge and he has a small shoebox to live in. I am very pleased i have found a mouse because i have been collecting mice for years! I am 11 yrs old and soon to be 12…

  thetwistedknitters wrote @

Awesome, what a lucky find! Chunky Monkey has quite a following of mice that she sets free round town. We also think a few escaped out of the cheese shop so they are probably looking for new homes for the winter, so keep your eyes peeled. Glad porridge has a happy new home, let us know if any more come your way. Purl Punk over and out.

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