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The Mousetrap Hit

Twas the night before Easter and all through the house,
nothing was stirring not even a mouse’…..

Well, there were mice stirring, about 60 of the woolly critters to be more precise and they had one thing on their mind…cheese.

‘Where can we go for cheese in Hereford?’ little mouse said, twitching his pure wool, electric blue whiskers.

The mice all had a think. The supermarkets seemed big and scary, ‘I feel all lost in there, they have cheese but it isn’t that special. I like to know where my cheese comes from’.

‘Here, here!!’ they chorused. ‘Well, what are we to do? Where will we be welcome?’ the smaller mice squeaked, their angora and cotton bellies softly brushing the floor.

‘I know a place….’ said a deep voice from the darkness under the table. Some of the smaller mice jumped in surprise, running behind the others. In the darkness the mice could see the glow of red cashmere whiskers, much bigger than their own. As they approached a shape loomed from behind.

‘Ratty!’ they gasped. ‘We thought you had been taken by the cat long ago’.

‘Hmm, ha ha ha’ Ratty chuckled from deep in his autumn toned belly. The mice all relaxed, his laughter warm and comforting in the dark.

‘I’ve been out looking for real cheese, a place where the little things are appreciated. I have found such a place though you will have to follow me.’ The mice looked round in agreement, even the small ones, though their plaited tails twitched with nerves. ‘We will ride with the smiley pink humans that created us’ continued Ratty ‘and we will find a new home. It will bring happiness to many humans and enough cheese for us forever’.

‘Hooray!’ cheered the mice.

‘What is this place called?’ a plump red mouse asked ratty as he led them off to their carriers.

The Mousetrap‘.


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