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Graffiti knitting group; making Herefordshire brighter, one step at a time

Meet the Gang

Hello folks, hopefully you’ve followed our tags to this page and will keep an eye on it to see what our next knitty hit will be.

Hey, we’ll even consider your suggestions!

Our motley crew came together through a mutual love of knitting, art and fun! In the hope that when Joe (or Joanne!) Bloggs walks down the street, maybe trudging their way to work or daydreaming what to do with their life, they might see a bright glimpse of something different. Maybe they’ll have a smile, learn something new or maybe even take to the knitting cause themselves. Just maybe.

Now it’s time to meet the gang….we’re hoping to have some knitty profile pics up for each of us soon…


Loves to purl that chunky yarn! Chunky monkey has mean crocheting skills as well as her speedy knitting, her giggles can often be heard echoing along the street whilst carrying mice in buckets and swinging from lamp posts.


Now here is a lady who can multi-task! Her fingers are a mere blur as she snaffles cakes, sips the vino and hey presto, a tag appears in no time at all. We often think she might keep knitting pixies in her stash bag….


Buzz Bomber isn’t just a pretty face, she’s got ideas left, right, yo, mp….the list goes on! Always keen to learn something new she has an eye for detail and a passion for making bees…..go on, just one more bee!


Knit nurse can often be seen staring at random objects thinking….now….can I knit that?! As well as reminding us all that politics can be fun & can be knitted. One of the more organised of the bunch, she is part of the vital glue that keeps us all rolling.


Keeping us in tags and logos is Purl Punk. Like Last Minute Molly she may not always be on time but she can come up with the goods!


Yarn Yeti gains her name from being almost entirely made of socks. Flashes of stripes can be seen at night as she edges from hit to hit, slowly socking the world. Given the chance she’d put one on the Eiffel Tower.


Our own secret wild child. She’s definitely been there and done that, probably clothed a few children and swung from the chandeliers on the way. A reminder to keep it real and live it!


Our latest comrade to join the team and she’s on the case with her speed-knitting wizardry. Not satisfied with whipping up knitwear for every passing child (a whirling merino of pastel), she has moved on to spacemen and hardcore lace. Welcome to the dark side…..

So now you know who we are, maybe you can let us know your guerrilla name, share a few ideas, let us know your favourite hits or tagging secrets.

The Twisted Knitters over and out.


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